About us

Since DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN was founded, the company has managed a plethora of highly varied architectural projects. With our well-founded expertise and just the right amount of creativity, we more than live up to all our customers’ expectations with our top-quality, innovative solutions. Our main objective is first and foremost to win people over with our work, while setting new standards time and again. That is why customer-orientation and excellent quality are our top priority.

With our creative potential, we are able to analyse and get to the bottom of complex problems, take them out of context and further develop solutions across a wide range of disciplines. These solutions serve to form the building blocks of the design language and demands of architecture and design.

Our expertise in the field allows us to internally implement the ideas developed during the brainstorming process and the resulting design language, regardless of how complex it may be. With our comprehensive approach, we are able to successfully cover every interface from the planning phase to the finished product. We can step in at any point during a project to regulate the processes and ensure a successful result.

From the initial concept to approval, we have all the necessary expertise and resources at our disposal to successfully and professionally implement every step of your project.s


Frank Dittel
Dipl. Ing. Freier Architekt
Managing Director | Founder


  • Laura Alcalde-Camacho
  • Janine Beck
    Graduate Engineer Architect
  • Fanny Christov
    B.A. Industrial Design
  • Laura Dellenberg
    Graduate Engineer Interior Designer
  • Nadiah El Sayed
    M.A. Interior Design
  • Konrad Fischer
    Cand. Interior Design
  • Maike Harm
    Dipl. rer. com. Communication Studies
  • Nicola Heßbrüggen
    B.A. Interior Design/M. Des. Integral Studies
  • Krisztina Kaderjak
    B.A. Information Design
  • Philipp Koppe
    Cand. Information Design
  • Vera Kölblin
    M.A. (ECA) Interior Architectural Design
  • Carolin Kraft
    B.A. Interior Design
  • Nicolas Leonhardt
    Graduate Engineer Architect
  • Michaela Manger
    Cand. Interior Design
  • Janna Tzoulakis
    Cand. Architecture
  • Barbara Widmann
    Graduate Engineer Interior Designer
  • Michael Witte
    Graduate Engineer Architect


The Cupcake Boutique Relaunch, Stuttgart


Watch out, foodies: The newly designed and amplified Cupcake Boutique has opened its doors! Now you can enjoy special treats in an exciting ambience on 133 square meters. And in the same building the new office of Carroll, Burdick & McDonough was opened.

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The Cupcake Boutique Relaunch

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Carroll, Burdick & McDonough Law Firm