Interior Design

Hairdresser Brodbeck

Hairdresser Brodbeck Neuhausen auf den Fildern

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN is creating a new subnatural design for hairdresser Brodbeck on two floors and about 150 sqm. The opening is scheduled for spring 2012.

Interior Design

Mußler Home of Beauty, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Mußler Home of Beauty Leinfelden-Echterdingen

From October 2012, the new “Mußler – Home of Beauty” presents itself in a modern building in Leinfelden-Echterdingen on two floors and on about 170 sqm.
DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN are creating different kinds of individual shopping worlds in an atmosphere, which warmly invites the customers to an expedition through the variety of products.

Interior Design

Mußler Forum Killesberg, Stuttgart

Mußler Forum Killesberg Stuttgart

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN is creating a holistic concept for a new “home of beauty” of perfumery Mußler in Stuttgart, Killesberg. On 120 sqm and two floors the entire range of products will be presented appealingly in different kinds of shopping worlds. The opening is scheduled for October 2012.

Interior Design

Breuninger Employees Canteen, Stuttgart

Breuninger Employees Canteen Stuttgart

Shortly after the successful opening of the newly designed employees terrace of Breuninger´s flagship store in Stuttgart, DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN were commissioned to redesign the staff canteen of 770 sqm. The canteen will obtain an entire new look which will be similar to the one of the terrace. The integration of recently developed dining areas as well as an iPAD- and a stylish lounge enable the employees to spend their work breakes in an unwound atmosphere.

Interior Design

Breuninger Bar, Leipzig

Breuninger Bar Breuninger Leipzig

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN are designing a bar with an adjacent lounge area where customers can enjoy coffee specialities and petit fours in a relaxed atmosphere.

Interior Design

Breuninger Barlounge, Stuttgart

Breuninger Barlounge Breuninger Stuttgart

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN designed for the women's exclusive area, a bar with a total size of 12 sqm. The bar offers a space for customers to linger and relax in a stylish ambiance after a successful shopping round.

Interior Design

Metropolitan Health & Beauty, Flughafen Frankfurt

Metropolitan Health & Beauty Airport Frankfurt

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN is planning a salesroom with a total size of 110 sqm where exclusive selected cosmetic products are sold. Additionally travelers will have the possibility to relax in one of the two separated beauty lounges in the back of the shop. The sales counter in the middle of the room showcases the principal element which simultaneously offers place for the manicure and the medical ampoule bar. The planned opening is in May 2012.

Architecture | Interior Design

Office ISDB, Friedrichshafen

Office ISDB Friedrichshafen

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN were asked to design a 640 sqm office building at Lake Constance.

Interior Design

House BU, Friedrichshafen

House BU Friedrichshafen

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN were asked to design a 400 sqm house at the lake of Constance. The design will introduce an exterior pool next to the open space living.