Get yourself visible innovative strength.

You need to become more innovative to convince your customers and employees – but don’t know how? Your spatialities are in need of overhaul and you have to compete with digitalized competitors – but you lack ideas, skills or budgets for your future-proof presentation?

Unlock the power of spaces.

These customers already stand out with innovative spaces:

Smart Destination
mockup digital smart destination

Win guests for you with your Smart Destination

Tourism is essential for you, but you lack innovative points of contact and inspiring guest experiences? The winners of the competition for tourists and locals understand the potential of innovation and digitisation and are already creating lighthouse projects for their location. Become one of them.

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Point of Sale
Point of Sale App

Bring customers back to the sales floor

Are you increasingly missing out on customers in the physical retail space due to the growing online trade? The central success factor of a brand presence is modern POS – even in times of steadily growing online trade. Create innovative places and unique journeys that make a distinctive mark in the physical space and make you a pioneer.

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Gastrospace digital

Set yourself apart from the competition with innovative experience gastronomy

Are Lieferando & Co. giving you a hard time, especially since the pandemic? An excellent gastronomic experience combines innovative food experience with innovative space. Become a pioneer in the gastronomic scene and get people off the sofa and back into your restaurants: where else can emotion and storytelling be conveyed better than in the place where gastronomy and space meet?

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Co-Space App

Invest in your city’s next mixed-use hotspots

Are your city centres dying and you need to develop neighbourhoods that still attract people to the city? Are you looking for ways to stop the exodus from rural areas through exciting spaces? Be among the first to recognise the potential of innovative co-spaces for your city, neighbourhood or mall and bring new life to it.

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Smart Hotel
Smart Hotel App

Hold your own in a saturated market with Smart Hotel solutions

Are you losing your guests to new competitors all the time and lacking ideas on how to bring them back to your hotels? A connected guest expects more from you than just accommodation – hotel stays are establishing themselves as experiences. Turn your hotel into a lighthouse with unique spaces and guest journeys.

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Smart Office

Attract new talents with smart office solutions

Half of your talents is on site in the office, the other half is in the home office? Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, this situation has become part of everyday life in many companies. More than ever, inspiring environments lead to better work. In the future, SMART OFFICES will be crucial for the innovative power, efficiency, networking and creativity of your company.

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Future Space

Create the spaces of the future

The development potential of new places created at the symbiosis of space and innovation is unlimited. We are sure of this: we do not yet know many of the most important places of the future. The 7th place is representative of a new era in our living spaces: it is smart, connected, beneficial, sustainable, and focuses specifically on people and their needs.

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Smart Spaces

Are you planning a building or renovation project and want to create an innovative experience for your customers, employees or residents?

7places brand

Digital Products

You want an out of the box digital companion that guides you through your spaces, your neighbourhood or the whole city?

That’s what our customers say:

Michael Stutz

Michael Stutz, CEO

“When it comes to an integrated digital customer journey including an entertainment factor, 7places is the right partner. Katharina & Co. have a flair for crisp productions. We are looking forward to the next joint project.”

– Michael Stutz, CEO Gastgeber3.0 AG

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KI Innovation

7places wins AI innovation competition Baden-Württemberg

“The 7Places UG (Stuttgart) is funded with the AI project “7Places AI – AI for automated and individualised leisure activities”: Development of proposals for individualised leisure activities for tourists and residents within German cities and destinations that are as tailored as possible.”

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cropped shooting heiko abbas 38 von 76 scaled 10

Heiko Abbas, Managing Director

„With 7places, we are working on the integration of digital and analogue highlights in our exhibition. It is precisely the holistic approach of 7places that creates an extraordinary experience for visitors.“

– Heiko Abbas, Managing Director LGS gGmbH

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Digital Jetzt

7places is funded by the BMWi

“In today’s working and economic world, digital technologies and know-how determine the competitiveness and future viability of companies. To enable SMEs to exploit the economic potential of digitalisation, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the programme “Digital Now – Investment Support for SMEs”.”

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