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No one can predict today how we will live in the future – not even us. What is absolutely certain is that unstoppable developments will significantly turn life as we know it today upside down. In 20 years’ time, self-driving vehicles will dominate the cityscape, drones will make up a large part of passenger and freight transport and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way we work. What motivates us, here at 7places, is the transformation of our living spaces in these times of disruptive change.

Future Place
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Of the all the disruptive changes we are experiencing, our environments are still comparatively rarely mentioned today. This must change, because humans are going to need to open up completely new places – underground, in the water and in the air; in urban mega cities or in remote nature. Buildings have the potential to become living, networked, intelligent and changeable ecosystems. The 7th place as the future place stands for all these developments that today still seem like distant dreams of the future. Because we not only believe in this disruptive change and this future place, we also aspire to playing a significant and positive role in shaping it. For this, we have to start today to deal with the distant future as well.

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