Access to inspiring living spaces – for all.

How do you manage to create valuable, innovative and inspiring spaces for your clients and employees, visitors and residents? How can you use the resource “space” to your advantage and create unforgettable experiences? With 7places. We help you to bring people and space together and create places that put the user at the centre. How? With design, technology and a good portion of creativity, we turn your spaces into lively, unique places to meet.

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Let’s bring new life to city centres, offices and rural areas.

Do you have the feeling that everyone is talking about digitisation, but it’s not very tangible or concrete for you? Would you like to use innovation and technology for your own benefit, but don’t yet know exactly how? Whether you’re shopping, planning a trip or working – our everyday lives are becoming more digital every day. At the same time, an area that can make innovation directly tangible is often left out: the space. We bring digitisation directly into your spaces.

With your help, we create vibrant and inspiring city centres, bring new life to rural areas and create places where everyone feels at home and meets like-minded people.

How do we do that?

Together with us, implement innovative lighthouse projects in your industry and become the designers of inspiring spaces and places that make your brand tangible for customers and employees and bring you measurable success.

Why us?

This is the question we asked ourselves at the beginning of our journey as 7places. Barely any aspect of our society has recently experienced so little innovation as the spaces and buildings in which we live, work and spend our leisure time. At the same time, the ongoing development of digitisation, such as the increased use of home office services and online shopping, is creating new demands on spaces. We founded 7places from this basic idea and made it our task to open up space as a new field of innovation with our accumulated competences in the fields of architecture, technology, science and business. It is our vision to give everyone access to spaces and places where individuals and the community can experience free development.

We unlock the power of your spaces.

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Our products and services

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Our projects

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You want to turn your room into an experience?

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