ZZPodcast – The future needs innovative spaces

Office in the morning, restaurant at noon and yoga studio in the evening – Katharina Aguilar of the innovation agency 7places, founded in 2019, is convinced that spaces that adapt to the needs of their users are the future. She talks to Stefan Lingner about new experiences in almost all industries – be it the world of work conditioned by new work, point-of-sale, smart gastronomy or virtual leisure experiences in cities. 7places is already designing the spaces of the future.

“In the future, we will have a better understanding of the power of spaces”, predicts Katharina Aguilar. With its team of 6, the Stuttgart-based innovation agency deals with every aspect of spaces. She also presents examples of how 7places is already implementing projects in which spaces become interaction playgrounds for their users.

The mission of Katharina Aguilar and 7places is to create spaces for people where they can develop freely. These spaces are outside of one’s own four walls – one’s own home – and should be accessible to all or as many people as possible. To make this mission a reality, 7places creates holistic solutions and concepts in which the space is part of the experience. With this mission, for example, retail spaces or tourist explorations of cities can be completely rethought and redesigned – always focusing on the people to make the experience more pleasant and more inspiring.

Spaces play an important role not only in private life, but also in the world of work. After all, people spend a large part of their day – at least before coronavirus – on company premises. Here, too, 7places has interesting impulses and thoughts that Katharina shares in the podcast.

Of course, technology plays an important role, but not purely as an end in itself. “It is important to us to bring humanity into the topic of technology and innovation”, she explains in the current episode of the ZUKUNFTSZEICHEN podcast.

7places works together with Dittel Architects to implement projects for B2B from strategy to realisation. How must the spaces of the future be designed so that they are innovative and of added value for their users? Which trends are already being implemented in the industry?
Katharina Aguilar reveals answers to these questions and also her own vision of the future. Enjoy listening to the latest episode!

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