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Take your business model to the next level with your individual co-space and transcend industry boundaries. Previously, buildings and spaces have always been clearly assigned to a specific function – whether work, gastronomy, consumption, culture or leisure – and equipped accordingly. But why not all at once? The Co-Everything  megatrend predicts that spaces and buildings will be increasingly mixed and shared in the future. A first example of sharing is emerging in the co-working movement. 

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Of all our places, the co-space is the all-rounder. Malls, neighbourhoods and city centres in particular are on our agenda when it comes to creating the co-spaces of the future and have the potential to develop into vibrant hotspots that function as event locations, workplaces, leisure hubs, consumer centres and gastronomic experiences all at the same time. They thus take on a completely new role in our society. Clever combinations of use are the focus of our development of space concepts with a multi-dimensional role, whereby we master the complexity of cross-theme collection, zoning, visitor management and profitability. We never lose sight of the fact that it is the combination of design, service, content and technology that makes mixed use the success concept of the future.

When creating your co-space, we rely on all these building blocks and combine them in a consistent concept. Depending on the context, we create a macro and micro analysis of your location and crystallise the target groups in focus. We show which combined use and operation options are created and what added value you can expect. With a strong vision and clear measures in mind, we then go into the holistic implementation of your innovative co-space.

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