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An end to the era of the classic open-plan office – we need more flexibility. The days of simple-minded work environments where the will for real change waits to decay somewhere in the maybe pile in the bottom desk drawer are slowly coming to an end. Home office all well and good, but working in presence is still worthwhile, because with 7places rooms can be used phygital and efficient in the future!

In the future, space must be able to be used more sustainably. This is done, for example, by combining the physical and digital worlds with each other. Novel technologies, such as an accompanying app, are used to create digital learning and experience spaces. In this way, the advantages of both worlds can be used effectively and tailored to different target groups.

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Innovative offices ensure more creativity in the workplace. © 7places.

Hybrid working, digital experiences, flexibility and well-being will support business growth in the future.

Real estate company HB Reavis is certain: hybrid working will become the norm and the year 2021 is a turning point for the introduction of smart offices. The mobility of all levels of a company must be increased in order to be able to respond effectively to changes in the future and switch when necessary. Smart energy ensures cost savings and sustainability. Above all, modern infrastructure must be flexible and support people’s work.

Learning Pays off

While in the world of work, innovative approaches to expanding training concepts tend to fall victim to the emergency brake, the idea of New Work is increasingly making its way to the top of the list of needs when it comes to employee satisfaction. It’s no wonder, because after the pandemic caused a fair amount of chaos in the long-established structures of the workplace, ultimately further fueling discussions about new solutions and better equipment, skilled workers are now striving more than ever for diversity and flexibility in their daily lives. In the home office, many have realized how much the environment can influence their own productivity, and this is precisely where we need to start. Digital augmentation in the space can bring open source learning into the real world. Ultimately, employees identify better with the company they represent through active promotion. Innovative office spaces can make a lot of difference here.

Even though success shouldn’t be measured in numbers, employers still regularly look at the company’s financial performance. One thing is certain: The all-clear can be given here. Because such investment does not even have to be expensive. Even with simple means, rooms can be efficiently improved. There are, of course, no upper limits.

Create a Smart Learning Environment for Your Employees

The aim of so-called Smart Learning Environments is to familiarize users with the products and processes of companies. That connects – and sustainably. Phygital creative spaces provide visitors with important information and current developments on the various workstations. In doing so, the learning spaces always contain an overview with important approaches or requirements of the work. Here companies get an innovative offer of ideas of presentation beyond the design on mere picture and paper. This allows individual access to new information and the background of various data, also for customers. Learners become part of this idea by being able to contribute their own questions and content, such as field reports, and actively benefit from the friending community gained through the IT infrastructure. Companies also receive more regulation and influence in the field of marketing, because this offers a whole new form of presentation platform.

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Office Design

Advantages of a Digital Showroom

A showroom for product presentation can not only be designed in a more targeted manner, but also functions more efficiently in terms of price-performance than a conventional exhibition stand.

If a company in the B2B sector wants to present products, manufacturing techniques or even new technologies to a suitable clientele, for example, the showroom enables it to present its concepts more vividly. After all, large machines and complex systems often cannot be presented vividly enough anyway. We remember boring paper presentations. This is where our concept now provides a remedy. Through a specially staged showroom that can be individually tailored to the target groups, they let customers see their full potential and build trust through personal interaction with their content.

Better SnAPPed up

There it is, the obligatory word joke on the subject. But we are really serious: Our app has it all! This is because it not only functions as a mobile unfolding of the showroom, through which an interactive-flexible and location-independent presentation to investors is made possible, but is also the portal to the digital world at the same time. With the help of a smartphone, multimedia interaction with the room is possible. Thus, a conventional product presentation is overdue, because the space speaks for itself and the clientele can connect with it independently, receiving a coherent overview as a first impression. Main menu instead of outline, this is what the future looks like.

Corporate Showroom App

Take advantage of the new corporate space today and create exceptional learning platforms for everyone! You are still unsure? Then contact us and let us advise you in a free appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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