Become an innovative gastrospace and a place of all-round sensory experience

Step up as a pioneer in the gastronomy scene and turn your restaurant into an all-round sensory experience. In a world where people are constantly looking for changing, enriching experiences, you as restaurateurs have great opportunities to win the competition for people’s free time. It is becoming increasingly important that you not only offer excellent, innovative products, but also pack emotion and storytelling into a gastronomic experience in the space. With the help of a smart space for your guests, you can optimise not only the guest experience but also the efficiency of your processes and thus costs. Regardless of your gastronomic concept: where gastronomy and space meet, you create the space for your success.

Innovative service makes a visit to the restaurant an intense and memorable experience.

Due to the pandemic’s increased demand for variety and new, quality offerings, the restaurant industry is making a significant contribution to the redevelopment of the modern city center. Smart and innovative service optimization can help to achieve this. Companies can create new, resilient structures and thus benefit holistically from digitization. In her dissertation “Success Factors in the Hospitality Industry,” Dr. Alexandra Ranzinger talks about a change in consumer values and explains that the atmospheric factor now plays a decisive role in this industry.

Gastrospace Die Hühnerei
Gastrospace Die Hühnerei

We can see that the successful gastrospace is emotional, creative, adaptable and intelligent. The combination of distinctive space and intelligently applied technologies opens up new possibilities for restaurants and bars to create inspiring experiences. A consistently and smartly designed gastrospace not only attracts a lot of attention, but the enriching guest journey is also particularly impressive on site. Our goal is to help you take your brand and well-considered product offering to the next level with innovative space concepts.

At the beginning of the development of your smart restaurant concept, we examine your ideas for the restaurant. From this we derive how your product can be further developed through the space in an identity-forming and brand-defining way. We define measures that have a direct impact on your success and can be implemented in the short term. Through the innovative integration of technology, service, use and design, we accompany you as pioneers in gastronomy from the initial concept idea to the realisation of unique gastrospaces, thereby creating an individual gastronomic experience.

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