Innovative Restaurant and Smart Hotel – The Future of the Hospitality Industry.

Do you need more footfall at your locations? Is everything about the perfect taste experience and an unforgettable visit? Pamper your clientele with services and concepts that your competitors can only dream of and give yourself the role of the future pioneering avant-garde when it comes to leisure and service design. Convince with satisfaction and become a hotspot in the hospitality industry.

Innovative service makes a visit to the restaurant an intense and memorable experience.

Due to the pandemic’s increased demand for variety and new, quality offerings, the restaurant industry is making a significant contribution to the redevelopment of the modern city center. Smart and innovative service optimization can help to achieve this. Companies can create new, resilient structures and thus benefit holistically from digitization. In her dissertation “Success Factors in the Hospitality Industry,” Dr. Alexandra Ranzinger talks about a change in consumer values and explains that the atmospheric factor now plays a decisive role in this industry.

More success with new ideas in the leisure sector

No sector can convince more with its attractive offers and services than the hotel and gastronomy sector. Visitors yearn for leisure and holidays in the midst of the daily routine of work and service provision. The target group of people who want to spend time with friends in an attractive restaurant is huge. The hotel industry is facing a new challenge. Because the competition is enormous and prefers renting out their beds to sleeping in them. Consumers compare different services and prices. Therefore, the right concepts and skilful management are crucial in order to stand out in competition with one’s own business. In addition to fixed characteristics, such as location, route and choice, which are rather difficult to influence, there are often untapped opportunities in the design and digital areas. For example, the emergence of a Smart Space can make a company a pioneer when it comes to innovative restaurant concepts and the expansion to a Smart Hotel. Through efficient and well thought-out use of space, individual customer experiences are created and vision becomes reality.

One idea is followed by the next

Innovative products and emotional storytelling that transform restaurant visits and hotel stays into memorable experiences not only ensure enthusiastic guests, but in combination with smart technologies can also increase the efficiency of the company and thus subsequently adjust the costs for components such as the room, the menu or the staff in a sustainable way. Tasty concepts can be enhanced with digital layers and transform into a multi-sensual taste experience. We show you what an innovative restaurant concept looks like with our project “Die Hühnerei“.

For the restaurateurs of the chicken egg, 7places creates a completely new, digitally enriched restaurant concept
7places shows what restaurateurs will look like in the future with an innovative restaurant concept for the chicken egg.
The next level of the hotel industry is called Smart Hotel. In the future, digital elements and contact points will play a decisive role in determining the success of the hotel industry.

Smart Hotel can do more than overnight accommodation and half board

In the Smart Hotel, acute problems, such as the ongoing pandemic, can be responded to through clever design with an adaptable hygiene concept. Through a considered approach, locations will adapt to dynamic developments in the future. Consumers are increasingly attaching importance to the atmospheric aspects of a visit to a restaurant. Lobby, location and other factors play a subordinate role. This change in values is forcing the industry to rethink. Living design can not only respond to this, but also ensure that it is prepared for future changes.

Progress through digitalisation

Successful Gastrospace is emotional, creative and flexible. Technologies are used intelligently to enable maximum efficiency and sustainable management. A smart hotel concept takes care of marketing, online sales, revenue management, online feedback and social media in addition to the usual business. While more than 40% of potential hotel visitors have already grown up with digitalisation, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to address the issue.

The next level of the hotel industry is called Smart Hotel. In the future, digital elements and contact points will play a decisive role in determining the success of the hotel industry.

Become a smart hotel or experience-oriented restaurant through innovative concepts

Unlike in other industries, in the hospitality industry physical services, such as accommodation, cannot be replaced by virtual offerings. This is an advantage whose potential should not be underestimated. In addition to the possibility of optimising one’s own business, it also offers the opportunity to intensify contact with visitors and their experiences. Contact us and become the next pioneer in the hospitality industry.

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