Great opportunities for more visitors: Your digital museum

Get more out of your museum and achieve new levels of success: With a unique visitor journey, digital exhibits and a museum app. Increase your visitor numbers and create new revenue – not only with younger target groups. Re-think and innovate your museum, enriching it to take advantage of all the opportunities digitalisation can offer you – with no previous experience and for budgets of all sizes.

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7places provides a highly innovative visitor journey in the Maritime Experience Papenburg

80% of all museums are already convinced that new technologies will be a decisive factor for their future success.

Source: Museum Booster

How does digitisation work in the museum?

In the past, the focus of museums was on the analogue world. Art, collections, objects, exhibitions, exhibits – these have always been the classic offerings of a museum. A digital museum turns this world upside down: live formats, online exhibitions, museum apps; digital museum visits from home or enriched on-site visits. All these keywords make up our future life and exploration of information, in the museum as well. The whole sector agrees that change does not stop at them. Get in touch with us: with experience in on-site installations and online exhibitions as well as a lot of technical knowledge in the background, we are the right partners on your museum’s journey into the future.

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Learning media competence in the museum is now child’s play

Many museum and exhibition organisers are not yet familiar with the digital world. Fears such as high costs, no knowledge of the latest developments or financial hurdles are cited as obstacles in many museums. With our implemented projects, we prove: You can create an innovative experience with any budget – the journey into the future will be fun for you, too.

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The Maritime Experience Papenburg – An innovative museum on 3 floors

Become a pioneer as a digital museum today

Use our product platform for your success. We enable museums to get started today, especially with our museum app. Whether it’s your own app or PWA, online exhibitions, interactive interfaces, intelligent objects, QR codes, touchscreens, projections, audio and video documents and much more – we are at home in the interactive museum world full of storytelling, art and culture. Contact us and find out how you can become a pioneer tomorrow.

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With the app solution from 7places, the Maritime Experience Papenburg already reaches countless visitors everywhere.
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