Win new customers with an interactive customer journey.

Do you long for new ideas and more inspiration on your sales floor? Do you want to be part of the development and finally stand up to online retail? Present your goods on a new stage. Use innovative technology to create an unforgettable customer journey and bring your customers into your physical sales floor with an innovative spatial concept.

In Ludwigsburg, the Breuninger company is creating an innovative customer journey for all customers through innovative design and rethought services in order to move forward into the digital age as a pioneer.

Cross-channel concepts and innovative store design have already boosted retail sales by up to 20%.

The company Bearing Point and the IIHD at the University of Worms 2021 were able to prove this with the results of a pilot project in Wuppertal. Since 2013, sales in the city center had increased by a fifth. This shows: A new mix of offerings is needed in city centers. People are definitely interested in contact and communication, but there is often a lack of identity-forming concepts for downtown areas. Here, there is an opportunity to become an innovative and attractive leisure activity for people visiting the city centers. New retail concepts therefore aim to create a fascinating and interactive retail experience.

New marketing through digital touchpoints

Nowadays, it is not only products and services that are in demand that can convince customers to visit a sales outlet. Marketing and brand have to reinvent themselves in order not to lose their significance for interested parties in the future. In addition to an attractive offer, the sales floor can also play a decisive role on the way to the purchase decision. The location functions as a navigation surface for the customer journey. Above all, touchpoints and customer ratings are ideal for analysing and determining the buying and visiting behaviour of consumers. In this way, the needs of the customer can be actively addressed and the experience dynamically improved. Meaningful data is collected with the help of modern analysis concepts. Information and knowledge are conveyed faster and more efficiently. Advertising and merchandise can be placed more subtly and better.

More offers & services

Digital elements determine the future in most areas. In order to continue to inspire customers to visit the shop in the long term, experts are constantly working on creative concepts with the aim of bringing services and goods to consumers in the best possible way. Newly conceived points of sale invite shoppers into shopping and experience worlds with interactive content and functions. Offers such as Click & Collect, where goods can be ordered from the comfort of your own home and then collected from the shop, provide more flexibility.

Innovative sales space, advertising, information, customer journey, touchpoints - the buzzwords of innovative companies at the point of sale.
The innovative customer journey guides customers intuitively through the sales floor with the necessary information.
On the smart sales floor, the needs of the customer are addressed in the customer journey and at the same time new contact points are created between the company and the customer. The brand is transferred into the space on site and individualises the touchpoints between customer and company.

Customer Journey beats online retail in practice

Architectural redesign creates touchpoints where analogue sales and digital content evolve and expand the marketing offer. To counteract the ever-growing online trade, the retail space transforms the visit into a customer journey. Intuitive retail design leads to self-explanatory navigation in the customer journey and a thoughtful overview on the sales floor. The boundaries between the individual sales channels are broken down and linked to form a coherent overall picture. In this way, unique moments can be created and the identity of a company can be transferred into the space. Shopping is more fun and the mere stay in the sales area becomes a memorable experience. In our project with the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger, we show you what innovative retail design looks like in practice.

Digital touchpoints create multi-sensual experience

There can be many reasons for a new design of the sales floor. For example, sales can be increased through sustainable ideas. Multi-channel approaches are an excellent way to stand out from the competition. These simplify the modern marketing of products or services on the sales floor and the link with, for example, social media increases interaction. An adaptation of the analogue infrastructure can therefore meet the trend towards more flexibility and variety. It is only a matter of time before a company that operates digitally at its core establishes itself as a matter of course in the industry market. By recognising and responding to this development early on, you will become a pioneer in your sector. Contact us and we will talk about your ideas and wishes in an initial consultation.

Digital dissemination of information with the help of digital elements in the Breuninger world of experience in Ludwigsburg.

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