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Benefit from our extensive experience and use our modular product and service system for your application. Let us get creative for your project and develop an innovative space concept that will bring you enthusiastic customers, guests and employees. We not only provide you with ideas, but also implement your smart spaces holistically. Benefit from our apps and digital companions – from the city app to the digital marketplace to the museum app, we provide you with everything you need to bring spaces at the interface between the analogue and digital worlds to life.

Unlock the power of spaces – with our services

Are you planning a building or renovation project and want to create an innovative experience for your customers, employees or residents? Do you see yourselves as pioneers and want to let your spaces speak for themselves with real charisma? Are you passionate about innovation and digitisation and want to establish new touchpoints in the space? Have fun with our service portfolio.


Conception of smart spaces

For your building, conversion or refurbishment project, we develop new usage ideas and intelligent room concepts. Whether you want to inspire a single space or revitalise an entire neighbourhood, we are working for pioneers of all sizes.

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Building of smart spaces

For your innovative spaces, we not only bring many ideas, but also tangible implementation. Together we will bring your smart space to life and tackle the complexity that an innovative space can bring. We accompany the implementation of your smart spaces and give you access to our strong network of planners and the tradespeople of all disciplines who make these plans a reality.

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Content & storytelling for smart spaces

Your space should not only look great and be innovative, but also tell a story. A smart space provides numerous opportunities to play out emotional and informative content on intelligent user interfaces and to boost you as a business. To make it as easy as possible for you, we will develop this story with you and provide the content from a single source.

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Smart Spaces

Are you planning a building or renovation project and want to create an innovative experience for your customers, employees or residents?

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Digital Products

You want an out of the box digital companion that guides you through your spaces, your neighbourhood or the whole city?

Enrich your spaces digitally – with our product kit

You want a digital companion to guide you through your spaces, your neighbourhood or the whole city? Do you want to digitally enrich your museum with additional information? As a hotel, do you want to offer simple and reliable information about the surroundings? You want to make city tours an experience for visitors and accompany them? Use our construction kit of apps and PWAs to fulfil your needs and do without elaborate in-house developments. Welcome to our product portfolio.


App for cities and destinations

As a city or destination, you can use our app in your tourist information or experience portal to draw attention to offers in the area and help tourists navigate. With our city app, your visitors can personalise and put together the routes and experiences they want.

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App for museums and exhibitions

As a museum or exhibition, you can use our accompanying app to enrich your content with additional information, games or storytelling. Visitors can navigate through your spaces, bookmark content or scan QR codes to unlock new levels. The museum app can be combined with functions from the city app.

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App for events and functions

As an organiser, you use our app to make your programme accessible to your visitors and let them decide which programme items they want a reminder for. They compile their wishes in individual pinboards.

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Digital marketplaces for tourist information

As a city or destination, you can use our digital marketplace to make experience offers and events in the area visible in space (CI walls, desks info terminals). From up to 50,000 data sets from all over Germany, we provide you with storable content and create touchpoints according to your wishes.

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