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Brings to life a digital alternative to brochure stands for indoor and outdoor spaces. The digital marketplace gives you the ability to become a platform between suppliers and tourists, offering personalised experiences at any user interface of your choice – at any time of day. With more than 50,000 tourism data sets on experiences and sights throughout Germany, we deliver reliable content and the technology for output from a single source. Thanks to our AI-based technology, you learn about the visitor, what they are really interested in and you can reliably filter experiences for them – regardless of location and without any maintenance effort for the content. Choose between user interfaces of different sizes and bring the digital marketplace to your destination in just a few steps – of course, we take care of the integration of your corporate identity.

How does the digital marketplace work?

With our digital visitor journey, the first thing you to is to deliver a QR code to your visitor’s mobile phone or a printed experience ticket. When exploring your tourist information or in the city area, you provide digital interfaces on which visitors can call up the experience suggestions provided. At information points such as LED walls, digital shop windows or information desks, you make the experience suggestions attractively visible. You can flag offers to your members that are of particular interest to them with the help of their QR code. The offer is now digitally stored on the QR code. The stored content can thus be retrieved again by users whilst they continue to explore. By scanning the QR code, your visitors are taken to a website tailored to them, which displays all the content they have viewed – before, during and after their visit.

We used the digital marketplace in these projects

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Experience world Thüringen – Networking a state for BUGA 2021

In the building of the former defensive barrack on the Petersberg in Erfurt, 7places creates, on the occasion of the national garden show 2021, an innovative and emotionalizing presentation about …

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