Showroom: Make your company come alive – and not just on site!

Have the last few months brought you new insights? While trade fairs were cancelled and one part of the staff was on site and the other one at home, the working reality changed. The only way you can convince the market as a company is if you can quickly adapt to this new world by using the new insights and building new ways to expose your products: with your smart showroom. Transform your products, processes & co. into true experiences. This is still nothing new? We offer you the ideal combination of the best of both worlds. Reality paired with the latest technologies and our accompanying app as the perfect digital complement. The phygital learning experience space for everyone, whether customers or employees.

Analogue meets digital: The perfect symbiosis of showroom & app

Physical space on site

Create a multi-layered ‘point of experience’ using all the stimulating benefits of a space, enriched with an ideal complement in the form of the latest technologies.

The multi-sensual presentation of your company in the form of a showroom with a matching showroom app. Convince users with a needs-oriented environment and set new standards in the presentation of your products & co.
Design meets technology: Karlsruhe already offers its visitors a multi-sensory experience

Digital space as supplement and on its own

Whether in direct connection with the room or on its own – create experiences of a very special kind anytime and anywhere thanks to the app.

You would like to start directly with the implementation of your own showroom?

Together we will get the best out of your room!

Ready for the future – hybrid is the new normal

Showroom App: Complement the analogue showroom with content such as descriptions, images and videos on processes, services and much more. The new standard in product presentation, for your customers only with one touch of a finger. The hybrid showroom.
By appealing to all senses, visitors experience sustainable opportunities to experience their company. Whether a screen on the wall or on the table, user offer the possibility to optimally adapt the showroom environment to one's own needs. A tap here, a tap there and users are provided with the necessary details.

As a company, you have one goal in particular: To sustainably secure the existence of your company. We support you in attracting and retaining your stakeholders. Together with us, create a completely new interaction experience for your target groups: With your showroom complemented by the showroom app from 7places…

  • you reach customers and employees alike
  • supplement your encounters in a digital way – before, during or even after a visit on site
  • you create an extension of your products, processes and services into the virtual world in order to make them even more tangible there
  • thanks to discovery routes around your company, you convince not only with your inner values and your product competence, but also by acting responsibly in your environment
  • you can collect valuable data on the behaviour and needs of your target groups and thus constantly optimise your presence
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Everything at a glance:

The most important facts summarized on one page.


The digital complement for your showroom

Thanks to the Showroom App also virtual Showroom: Offer visitors of the showroom the possibility to explore the showroom virtually via the 3D model.
Offer virtual experiences via the showroom company, whether inside or outside the real showroom.
Provide customers of the showroom with information and a detailed description of everything necessary.
Take the experience home with you: Retrieve stored content anytime and anywhere, even outside the showroom. Via smartphone, tablet & co.

Step 1: Let explore the world of your company via the interactive 3D floor plan. Suggested learning journeys provide optimal guidance – whether in the virtual or real world.

Step 2: Making products, processes & co. tangible through augmented reality environments.

Step 3: Digital supplementary content provides the necessary input.

Step 4: Thanks to lists you can compile yourself, you can retrieve everything you need anywhere and at any time. The journey can continue – even outside your local showroom.

And this is just one of many possibilities. Design the perfect user journey through your company together with us!

What speaks in favour of the 7places app?

Showroom App: The digital supplement for the showroom. Encourage interaction in the showroom with the latest technology, intuitive use and necessary information. Virtual reality, AR technology and lots of useful information combined with an analogue showroom environment for maximum added value and lots of possibilities.

The perfect complement for an ideal symbiosis of room & app

Showroom App: Thanks to the modular app system, you can use individual options for your showroom and still save time and money.

Turnkey deployment with minimal configuration effort and yet highly customised

Showroom App: Thanks to the app platform solution, you can always stay technically up to date.

Platform solution with regular updates and new features

Showroom App: Individually scalable and thus perfectly tailored to the goals of your showroom.

Individually scalable to your project – only pay for what you actually need

Create excitement with these app features

Interactive company presentation via the display of various end devices of your customers - whether smartphone, tablet or browser. Bring your showroom to life on any screen.

According to your wishes, according to your needs. Create your individual app product from the following features:

  • Interactive 3D floor plan with optional display of learning journeys, whether to show your history, your products or your processes
  • Informative additional content in written, visual, video and audio form
  • Digital learning lounge – select your own content individually and access it via your personal list, regardless of location and time
  • Enhancing the real world with virtual features through impressive augmented reality content
  • Immersive learning content and mini-games
  • Discovery routes around your company

You want even more? Together with you, we implement individual additional functions according to your ideas.

You want to make your company come alive for everyone?

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