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Die Hühnerei – Multisensual Gastro-Experience

There’s something going on in Hotel Chesa Rosatsch in the peaceful Engadin. It’s getting louder in the guestroom of former Stüvas Rosatsch: Die Hühnerei opened its doors in December. An innovative, digital, gastronomic concept with Hotspot potential. A concept that is young, interactive and at the pulse of the times. Die Hühnerei is next-generation gastro. Under the motto “urban dining”, 7places created a crazy and urban experience world where visitors witness hospitality in a unique, multi-sensual way.

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The so-far traditionally designed space is split into two guest rooms. Two contrasting worlds are deliberately being built: Tradition vs. Innovation. Apart from modern colors and materials that build an antithesis to the original wooden structures, it is especially the goal-oriented use of innovative and digital elements that give the spaces a surprising kick.

In the front room, the centuries-old wooden paneling from pinewood remains preserved and contrasts with modern components. This way, a straightforward light grid breaks away from the ceiling. The tables appear in colored linoleum and act as gamification tables. They are equipped with an invisibly integrated, digital sensor technology that enlightens the customer’s first waiting time with an interactive game. With a wooden egg in an eggcup, the curious guest navigates on the table. If he meets a sensor point, armies of headbanging cocks or carate-fighting chickens appear on the table.

Both spaces are connected through a portal that is placed right in between the rooms. The tunnel from dark steel pulls the guest in and steers him around the corner into the urban room. In the portal itself, there is a ceiling-high LED screen that invites interaction with falling eggs. Not for the last time during this gastronomic journey, the feeling of diving into another universe appears.

In the larger guest room, the customer is greeted by a cheeky wall installation from neon tubes. The modern ceiling suspension makes the original wooden ceiling disappear and is constructed of rusty, corrugated iron, wood and a wired structure. Large-scale graffiti at the focus wall shape the urban style of this space. Exotic animals are brought to life by street artist Oibel Art and appear as a family portrait in total. A special highlight is the enrichment of the graffiti with digital projection mapping – smoke clouds are moving out of a fish’s mouth while a bunny’s cocktail glass if being filled with colorful, changing cocktails. Every full hour, a firework is delighting personnel and guests.

All in all a special future gastro-space is evolving in this tradition-coined environment. A place, where innovation and digitalization are merging with sophisticated kitchen and outstanding service and build a one-of-a-kind experience. 7places developed this multi-sensual experience together with the operators Gastgeber 3.0 and the architectural office DIA-Dittel Architekten.

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