Bring the most modern city app to your destination

Your city has a lot to offer and you have a large number of well-prepared tourism data sets, but you are missing the use cases? Do you want more reach for your service providers and inspire new target groups for your destination?

We provide you with a ready-made solution: the city app from 7places. From a variety of sources, we already have exciting data from over 3,600 cities in Germany and are ready to come to your city.

The City App from 7places

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Over 150,000 data records in over 3,600 German cities

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Through our Smart Spaces projects in various destinations, we have come to realise that while cities have a lot of great places to go and experiences to offer, they often don’t resonate with residents and visitors. The pandemic has made many citizens more interested in their own region with its diverse offerings. However, there is no one source of information that unites all categories of experiences and thus makes it possible to organise leisure time quickly and easily. Some cities are developing city apps for their own region at great expense, but these individual solutions are impractical from the user’s perspective. On the one hand, not every city has its own app and on the other hand, a new app has to be downloaded for every city that is visited.

This is where we come in with the city app from 7places, which is a Germany-wide complete solution that combines data from all experience categories in all cities. The core of the app is formed by

  • good design in combination with a user experience that is a pleasure to use
  • a swipe function that allows users to swipe through a wide variety of city offerings on their virtual voyage of discovery
  • an artificial intelligence that gets to know the user’s preferences better with every swipe and adapts the content played out accordingly.

Your advantages at a glance

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No maintenance effort

We provide you with the 100% ready-made solution and prepare all sights and events optimised for you.

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City & Destinations Dashboard

Get transparent insight into your data, your performance and the preferences of your visitors and residents at any time.

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Award winning design

Your experiences appear in an appealing logic – so you benefit from our high standard throughout Germany.

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7places AI

Benefit from our artificial intelligence that learns with every swipe.

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Germany-wide know-how

We are in exchange with all federal states and bundle nationwide knowledge.

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Grow with us

Benefit from our rapid development and receive all new features without delay.

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100% data protection compliant

Our solution can be used 100% anonymously without any restrictions.

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Your CI

We customise with your corporate design at your request.

You want to bring the City App to your destination?

Contact us and we will talk about what exciting data we already have for your city in an initial consultation.