Museums – the experience and learning places of the future!

Museums do not have it easy. In the staccato of popcorn entertainment and ever more rapidly changing technical challenges, previous advantages of knowledge collection and transfer hardly find any viable points of contact in the networked world. This is why we have developed MuseumZ, the digital platform for learning venues of all kinds, with easy-to-use interfaces to state-of-the-art digital technology and a consistent link between the analogue and digital worlds. We bring your concentrated knowledge and your carefully collected treasures to a new level with digital know-how – much cheaper than you think.

Digitisation of museums through a museum app, the new form of communication with visitors
Digitisation of museums through a museum app, the new form of communication with visitors
Digitisation of museums through a museum app, the new form of communication with visitors
Digitisation of museums through a museum app, the new form of communication with visitors

Build a sustainable audience for your museum

Museum app and online exhibition: descriptions, images and videos of objects in the current exhibitions

As a museum, one goal is particularly important to you: reaching new target groups and retaining their loyalty in the long term. MuseumZ supports you in this. We are not just a museum app, not just a media guide, we create a completely new interaction experience for your visitors: With MuseumZ

  • you reach younger target groups in particular,
  • can communicate and interact digitally with your visitors during their visit, but also before and after,
  • extend your exhibition into virtual space and make your exhibits directly tangible,
  • collect valuable information on the visiting behaviour of your target focus groups,
  • can make past exhibitions accessible in the online archive
  • and also offer interested parties who cannot be on site exciting insights and learning experiences in the form of an online exhibition.

Only 200 museum apps at 9,060 museums in German-speaking countries

Due to the countless advantages, every museum in the German-speaking world should actually have its own museum app. So why do only a few museums offer a media guide? Up to now, software companies have usually developed a customised application for each museum. Although this seems like a good solution at first glance due to the different requirements and content, developing one’s own entails high costs and a long development process. Even after going live, the museum faces further expenses such as maintenance and updating work as well as constantly new technical challenges that exceed the resources of smaller museums in particular. Unmaintained content loses its relevance, errors accumulate and ideas planned with great enthusiasm cannot be pursued.

We at 7places are changing that. We have recognised that the countless individual developments only remain sustainable with enormous effort and cause higher and higher costs over time. With our scalable and yet highly individualisable solution, your digital offer will remain up-to-date in the long term and can even be regularly supplemented with new technical developments. We offer each museum a turnkey application that can be customised according to the respective requirements with little effort. Benefit from the constant updating of our platform and the automatic maintenance of the app and always stay up to date with new features.

What distinguishes our “museum app” from the other apps?

Museum: App modular system

Turnkey deployment with minimal configuration effort

Museum: App platform solution for every exhibition

Platform solution with regular updates and new features

Museum: App Visitor Relationship through Ongoing Communication

Increase visibility and long-term visitor loyalty

Museum: App tours through the city

Embedding the museum in its own city and region for new ways of storytelling

Delight your visitors with these features

Interactive exhibition on the visitors' smartphones

Whether collections, art exhibitions or other cultural offers: We have the right app for you. Put together your individual app product from the following features:

  • Informative environment info
  • Captivating audio guides
  • Interactive 3D floor plan
  • Immersive learning content and mini-games
  • Exciting discovery routes
  • Impressive AR/XR content
  • Individual additional functions according to your wishes

After the visit is before the visit

The museum as a starting point for discovering the neighbourhood
Collection of the saved offers

A digital companion is no longer useful after a museum visit? The after-use of a museum app does not have to be limited to deepening the knowledge learned on site at home or to retrieving past exhibitions. The end of the museum visit can also be the beginning of your visitors’ journey of discovery through your neighbourhood. With our app, users can access information on offers in the neighbourhood or current events via their smartphones.

Connect your entire neighbourhood and become the starting point of the discovery route through your neighbourhood and stay in touch with your visitors even after the museum visit. Whether bring your own device solution or rental devices: Take your visitors on a digital journey of discovery and let your community experience the museum in a new way.

Would you also like to become a digital museum?

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