Co-Space Nook Room

Nook Room – eventspace for workers and locals

This unique eventspace with a tasteful and innovative design is located in the center of an office building in the New Nivy District in Bratislava. The new hotspot brings together the local community and the employees of the surrounding office-neighborhood in a relaxed, elegant ambient. The multi-functional concept offers space for exchange and co-working and gives room for wide-ranging events.

Co-Space Nook Room
Co-Space Nook Room
Co-Space Nook Room

The Nook room is an eventspace with a high quality of stay that unites diverse usage: From workshops and meetings, to concentrated work, up to coffee breaks and concerts, diversified activities are alternating. Like this, the Nook Room stands for a new generation of work – a place with well-being atmosphere, that convinces with flexibility, a multifaceted nature, and functions far away from classic open-plan offices. According to the diverse usages, the spaces’ target group is a mixed one: Office workers from the building and residents are welcomed just like tourists.

The multifaceted usage is also reflected in the flexible room design: The clean industrial look inspired by the modern environment of the room shell offers a neutral frame for a colorful and manifold utilization.

The core piece of the room is the community counter, which functions as bar and beverage dispense and embodies an open, inviting spirit – like at home. The rest of the design concept is derived from a homely usage and ensures an atmosphere that is rarely found in business context: Coziness, warmth and living room feeling.

The smart zoning in a flexible zone, a functional zone and a static zone enable an adaptable and dynamic usage during the course of a day. At the same time, the spatial structure and logic is maintained. By the specific application of room dividers and movable furniture, an interesting dynamic is generated. An intelligently designed seating platform at the central backwall of the space can easily be transformed from communicative seating to a stage and event location. No matter if flower workshop, poetry slam or wine tasting – every usage finds a spatial answer.

All in all the Nook Room stands as an example for the 7places vision of future work: With new, inspiring usages, maximum flexibility and a smart design concept that shows that future work will be much more meaningful than just sitting at a desk.

The spatial realization was done by our sister DIA-Dittel Architekten.

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