Pop Up Box – invented for flexibility

To 7places, the Pop Up Box is a strong answer to the question of how the future POS looks like: Flexible, experience-oriented and with a clear customer focus. It is a flexibly applicable cube that is used in the shopping center Gerber in Stuttgart for the first time.

Pop Up Box - Flexible Point of Sale
Pop Up Box - Flexible Point of Sale
Pop Up Box - Flexible Point of Sale

The convertibles salesroom is built of four single elements, 3 of which are freely moveable. Like this, a retail space of 20-30 m² is evolving, that, with the help of the integrated lifting system, is adaptable to the individual needs of different target groups. In a closed state the box takes only 9m² of space so that the location is used in an optimum way. With the innovative solution, the point of sale becomes a flexibly usable space and a place where brands can present themselves in the most individual way.

The concept unites usability and zeitgeist by combining the specific use of technology with a unique design. The inside of the versatile design-piece is equipped with a white shopfitting system where products can be presented flexibly. Depending on the concept, ceiling lights are used to dynamically stage products. The minimalistic yet functional interior of the cube is a perfect playground for a wide range of use cases.

Flexibility, like demonstrated in the Pop Up Box, will be a factor of growing importance at the future POS. Flexible solutions help master future challenges like frequent product rotations and supplier changes – additionally, they help respond to growing customer requirements for experience.

The dark outside walls of the box integrate two large screens where specific content is played. Like this, the brand message is transported emotionally and the innovative shopping experience is enhanced. The branded, perforated sheet enables looks into the inside of the box.

The interplay of precise design, emotional content and the usage of innovative technology leads to the formation of a future point of sale that offers a modern brand expression and a holistic customer journey.

The spatial realization was done by our sister DIA-Dittel Architekten.

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