Schaufenster Karlsruhe – innovative touristinformation

The Schaufenster Karlsruhe is an innovative touristinformation that transforms the value add of digital technology into a coherent, intuitive customer journey. The aim is to achieve a special customer- and visitor experience and to create a milestone of innovative tourist information.

Innovative Touristinformation Karlsruhe
Innovative Touristinformation Karlsruhe
Innovative Touristinformation Karlsruhe

The tourist information center in the Kaiserkarree right at the market place is a meeting point for different target groups of the city. Apart from the Karlsruhe Tourismus GmbH, the energy provider Stadtwerke Karslruhe are represented with their customer service center where clients get consulting around energy topics. In total, a central, digitally supported market place is created for a multidimensional presentation at a strategic location in town.

The visitor navigates intuitively in the open room design. Visual axis in different colors offer orientation. This way, the various activity areas in the space are created. A high recognition value is generated by CI-colors of both main actors. While tourism is represented in yellow and green, the Stadtwerke and their energy sector are reflected in different blue tones. Through the coloring and consequently the zoning, the different stakeholders are transparently presented and holistically integrated into the room design.

Apart from a high standard of design, a special quality of stay is the focus of the concept. Spacious seating- and lounge areas, as well as a coffee machine and food display, are actively inviting for a longer dwell. Additionally, a pop-up area offers the opportunity for introducing changing partners in a dynamic presentation surface.

Innovative Touristinformation Karlsruhe
Innovative Touristinformation Karlsruhe

After his arrival, the visitor dives into the digitally supported experience world already at the interactive table. A personal guide – an experience ticket with a QR code – leads the guest through the themed worlds and enables them to save experiences and information on a personalized website. Stations like the digital market place, the experience Karlsruhe, the listen to insiders or the showcase offer inspiration for touristic products and energy topics in various forms. The visitor ideally begins the exploration of Karlsruhe in the Schaufenster Karlsruhe. Here, he generates ideas and experiences that make him swarm out to the real places afterward. Naturally he always takes with him his digital guide both in the space, but also during his subsequent tour through Karlsruhe.

With all its facets, the Schaufenster Karlsruhe is the prototype of innovative cooperation within a city and develops a far-reaching radiant power. The showroom integrates itself ideally into the capital of Baden with its digital concept. 7places and DIA-Dittel Architekten manage to bring alive a modern and connected tourist information in the Schaufenster Karlsruhe.

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