Multidimensional showroom

Transnet BW – a multidimensional showroom

The place with multidimensional showroom-design evolves as an interactive world of information and experience for the visitors of the newly built control center of TransnetBW in Wendlingen am Neckar. With the help of the innovative concept, the complexity of the transmission system operator’s topics is reduced and presented in a descriptive way.

Multidimensional showroom
Multidimensional showroom
Multidimensional showroom

The visitor moves intuitively through the building and experiences the manifold content of TransnetBW in a playful way. This is especially enabled by the interplay between digital and analog information transfer.

The experience world is forming a long gangway that connects the reception area with an interactive zone and a gallery on the first floor. Like this, the visitor dives into the operator’s world step by step. As a special highlight, he gets a glimpse into the control room and observes the engineers during their work. In front of the high-resolution monitor with a size of 12 meters, the high-voltage-grid of Baden-Württemberg ist controlled and kept in balance with other german and local control areas. Additional information can be found on the large counter with integrated screens. Here, the work of an engineer is presented in a transparent and interactive way.

The interactive zone invites for discovery with its multifunctional presentation table in its center. This table consists of a tangible user interface, a topographic model as well as negative forms for the presentation of a 525-kV-underground cable. The complex, highly modern technology is presented in an understandable way via the filigree construction of direct current underground cables. The backlit, abstracted transmission grid at the ceiling is not only illuminating the digital exhibition table but is also presenting itself as an eye-catcher of the interactive zone. The bench is inviting for relaxed seating during breaks in between. At the same time, the integrated beamer with a colorfast wall projection encourages learning about the craftsmanship in an interactive explaining video.

The company’s identity is transported through the corporate wall, the backlit transmission grid of Baden-Württemberg, the company logo and the claim in the welcoming area. At the corporate wall, company-related content is shown in text form, pictures and moving imagery on two monitors. On the milled wall map, punctual graphics and connections represent the different transformer stations in the federal state with their connections within and outside the country. Like this, an innovative presentation of the brand image of Transnet BW is taking place.

The implemented concept brought to live a unique Transnet BW experience world where brand content and information are transmitted through the symbiosis of clear design and digital media. No matter what, the visitor is always in the center of attention.

The spatial realization was done by our sister DIA-Dittel Architekten.

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