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Make your destination an innovative meeting place and win the competition for tourists. The winners of the destination marketing competition make use of the possibilities of digitalisation and already create contact points full of information and inspiration. Re-think your tourist information and experience portals and enrich them with technology, design and emotional content.

Smart Destination: Innovations in the tourism industry using the example of Erlebniswelt Thüringen
With the Erlebniswelt Thüringen, 7places creates an innovative showroom for exploring the entire federal state

84% of destinations in Germany find that digitization has become increasingly important.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the tourism consultancy BTE in cooperation with the DTV, the Corona pandemic created the conditions for a social rethink. For example, it set in motion the long overdue digitization and generated space for new opportunities, as well as future-oriented business models. There is a clear trend toward more individuality and flexibility. Information directly on site, for example, is desired by 43% of visitors between the ages of 18 and 75.

Advancing the tourism industry with an innovative approach

Travelling has become increasingly possible again after a long time. The long-lasting, pandemic-related slump in turnover in the tourism and travel industry is slowly receding. People are longing for more culture and a little variety. A good and necessary sign for the tourism industry. For domestic tourism, however, this rather means a declining profit margin. The boom created by travel restrictions is slowly coming to an end. Even though many people have come to value travelling in Germany more again and still like to take advantage of local offers, holiday offers all over the world are very convincing with tempting offers. In order to remain competitive and to be able to convince future travellers, innovative approaches are needed that also meet the requirements and questions of digitalisation in the leisure industry. With products such as the Germany-wide city app, through which even small businesses can benefit sustainably, or the conversion to destinations that can be used efficiently and dynamically, we are ensuring the modern development of the regional tourism industry.

Smart marketing creates more growth for the travel industry

Addressing issues such as visitor management, marketing and development is proving to be groundbreaking for a future-oriented hospitality industry and can provide better service through the necessary expertise and thoughtful technologies. Abrupt changes in the economy can be seen as an opportunity to focus on new destinations and be prepared for future challenges. Coordinated destinations drive more visitor traffic. Targeted data analysis can continuously improve service and items.

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More focus on travellers’ expectations

The younger generations in particular want more information and more flexibility directly on site. Based on smart spatial design, we transform conventional places into innovative experience spaces. In this way, a tourist information centre can become a marketplace of networking. The spatial concept for a successful experience space includes the right design, digital technology, tailored content and emotional storytelling. Compatible apps such as our Germany-wide city app can ensure customer loyalty with short-, medium- and long-term perspectives and make tourism locations visible. With a new methodology, the app provides a supra-regional link of 3,600 locations and invites interactive discovery. An example of an innovative contact point for visitors in a destination is this smart tourist information centre in Karlsruhe, which is convincing not only because of its design. The interplay of analogue space and digital elements offer an interactive visitor experience that extends around the visitor.

Potential in many areas

Besides the economic factor, other challenges and framework conditions can also significantly influence a decision. For example, the added value of an investment in future-oriented technologies and concepts always plays an important role. After all, one wants to inspire the largest possible clientele for one’s own company and not exclude people who are not familiar with digital media. New generations who have already internalised digital concepts must first be convinced to visit, both today and in the future. Early participation in a constantly growing network provides more stability and significantly increased development for the company. Contact us and become the next Smart Destination in Germany together with us.

Digitalisation in tourism - digital meets analogue; smart innovations in the tourism industry

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