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Turn your cities and destinations into innovative meeting places and win the competition for tourists and residents. The winners of destination marketing are taking advantage of the possibilities of digitisation and are already creating focal points full of information and inspiration.  Re-think your tourist information, experience portals, museums and exhibitions and enrich them with technology, design and emotional content. As an innovative DMO, you will achieve more enthusiastic visitors and successful marketing of your service providers.

84% of destinations in Germany find that digitization has become increasingly important.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the tourism consultancy BTE in cooperation with the DTV, the Corona pandemic created the conditions for a social rethink. For example, it set in motion the long overdue digitization and generated space for new opportunities, as well as future-oriented business models. There is a clear trend toward more individuality and flexibility. Information directly on site, for example, is desired by 43% of visitors between the ages of 18 and 75.

Smart Destination Erfurt
Smart Destination Erfurt

The city of the future is smart, connected and delivers a unique offering that is intuitively accessible to visitors and residents. As city and tourism marketing organisations, you are asked to become a networking marketplace. Create spaces and places where service providers can be presented and consumers can be provided with tailored offers. Together we create innovative focal points of all sizes and help you with our apps to accompany your visitors in the short, medium and long term and to stay in contact with them.

At the beginning of the creation of your innovative experience space, we take a detailed look at the identity of your destination. We transform these into a holistic spatial concept that is made up of all the building blocks that a good experience space needs: design, digital technology, content and good storytelling. Together we make your destination a pioneer and bring enthusiastic visitors directly to you.

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