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Use the opportunities of the new work movement for yourselves and create strong focal points and creative areas in your offices. From the development of corporate strategies to the development of products: a lot of your core processes take place in your office buildings. With increasing competitive pressure and a greater proportion of people working from home, meeting places for exchange and creativity are coming into focus. At 7places, we make the smart office tangible for everyone: We create innovative office concepts that make your company more successful.

Hybrid working, digital experiences, flexibility and well-being will support business growth in the future.

Real estate company HB Reavis is certain: hybrid working will become the norm and the year 2021 is a turning point for the introduction of smart offices. The mobility of all levels of a company must be increased in order to be able to respond effectively to changes in the future and switch when necessary. Smart energy ensures cost savings and sustainability. Above all, modern infrastructure must be flexible and support people’s work.

Smart Office
Smart Office

In order to position yourselves for the future, you as a company are already investing large sums in new forms of leadership or in digital transformation. Your office buildings also have large acquisition and maintenance costs. Get the best out of your spaces and promote creativity and satisfaction among your employees. Converting your offices into lounge areas or multi-space offices is not enough to create a smart office in the long term. At 7places, we support you in individually shaping your spaces to create places that increase your company’s success with an innovative office concept.

We do this by sending your employees on a creative and communicative journey through their everyday work and by sustainably optimising their productivity. Smart buildings and furniture, inspiring design and modern communication tools are part of our toolkit. Tailored to your needs, we develop and implement a comprehensive concept of the future workplace – without neglecting aspects such as change management. This is how we shape your office and work environments into tools for future success.

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