Bring innovative, young life into the homeland as a Smart Village

As municipalities, communities, villages or districts, you have great potential: 44% of people in Germany would prefer to live in the countryside. Seize this opportunity, set out on the path to becoming a Smart Village and ensure that new life comes to your region. Create the space for new blood, innovation, growth and sustainable coexistence with our innovative projects and get a Smart Village App for your digital communication and participation – there could not be a better time than now.

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With the old pipe factory and 7places, Schweina sets out to become a Smart Village

44% of Germans would prefer to live in the countryside.


What is a Smart Village?

Smart Village approaches are as diverse as we humans are. From the conversion of former industrial sites, to the creation of community and shared spaces, to co-working and the establishment of innovative companies: As a Smart Village, you understand the challenges of our time and are setting out for the future. Are you not afraid of digitalisation, new ways of using information and participation? Then you are the right ones. And if you are? Then you are too. The state also recognises your innovative efforts: With numerous funding projects and model projects such as Smart Rural Regions and Germany-wide village development programmes like the one in Lower Saxony, you get maximum support to set out on the journey to become the Smart Villages of the country.

Digitalisation and new space concepts for municipalities

A central component of your smart village are innovative contact points and places of exchange and togetherness. Living and working in the countryside is a real life dream for many people, which smartvillage concepts and innovative spaces from 7places can make possible. Municipalities can use our services and rethought new work approaches to create tangible opportunities for people longing for urban escape. An increasingly relevant issue here is the participation of future residents. These processes often start in our workshops, but how can residents and newcomers be kept up to date by the municipalities on their way to their new home? Digitalisation makes it possible.

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In innovative participation formats with numerous stakeholders, 7places helps from day 1 on the way to the Smart Village.
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Smart Village App makes events visible and information accessible to villages

Here, too, you can rely on the products and services of 7places. Use our app construction kit and make sure that neither the residents nor the newcomers in your small towns and villages miss out on the development of their smart village – create your own smart village app. Curious or already on your way? Contact us anytime and get a free consultation.

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With our app solution, you can embark on an innovative journey to become a Smart Village – even on a small budget.
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